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Hot Chocolate Bar! Official Guide Dec. 26th. 2017

Hot Chocolate Bar!

Oh, the weather outside is frightful and the County’s surely overdone all the carol singing during the holidays! I’m sure you know that it’s no fun having a sore throat in this weather!

Luckily, Cornelius has the perfect remedy – warm, soothing Hot Chocolate! And, what’s more, it’s delicious as well! You can help make some by building a “Hot Chocolate Bar”! For your reward, you’ll win a baby Porcelain Guineafowl!

If you are level 15 or higher, the “Hot Choco-licious!” popup will appear. Click on the “Build Hot Chocolate Bar!” button to begin this feature.

To build the bar, you must first collect all the materials you need.

Then, ask your friends for help or hire builders.

Your finished Hot Chocolate Bar, which is automatically placed outside your farm, will look like this:

Start making delicious Hot Chocolate by clicking on the building. In the Hot Chocolate Bar, you will be collecting Cocoa Points. You can get this item through three easy ways:

1. Craft Hot Chocolates - There is a variety of Hot Chocolate to craft and each Hot Chocolate gives out a different number of Cocoa Points. Each of them also have a different number of crafting hours.

To check the Hot Chocolate that you can craft, click on the left or right arrows:

When you have selected the Hot Chocolate you want to craft, click on it. Then, if you have the complete ingredients, click on the “Craft” button. What do you do when you lack the materials you need for crafting? You can always ask for help by posting or calling your Co-op.

After clicking on the “Craft” button, the Hot Chocolate will be made in a Hot Chocolate Pot. There are 5 pots in the bar and one pot will be used per Hot Chocolate that you craft. There are two Hot Chocolate Pots that are initially available for your use.

There are three more pots that you can build. To build the first pot, you need to collect these materials:

While the second pot needs these materials:

And lastly, you need to collect these materials for the third pot: