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The Grand Restoration Official Guide Jan. 4th. 2018

The Grand Restoration

Have you heard about the eight lost paintings made by Henry Holt, the founder of FarmVille? Marie has a riveting information about them. Each of the paintings not only holds a story. They also contain clues that lead to three statues of prosperity.

Of course, we’re all interested to find these clues and the only way to do this is to restore the paintings. So, let’s get started on our Grand Restoration!

If you are level 30 or higher, the “The Grand Restoration” popup will appear. Click on the “Let’s Go!” button to begin this feature

The painting canvas will then be automatically placed outside your farm. Click on it to learn more about the restoration project.

Please Note: Players will not receive this build able if the slot is occupied. You will only get the feature if you have completed the existing feature in that slot. The feature will be rolled-out slowly.

There are 8 paintings to complete and each painting is made up of 4 panels. For each panel, you need to collect a set of palettes that has paints of different colors.

For the restoration project, a lot paint will be needed. The Red, Blue and Yellow primary colors that will be used for the four panels of the first painting can be seen on the left side of the menu.

These primary colors can be collected by planting crops - red crops will give you red paint, blue crops for blue paint, and yellow crops for yellow paint.

To see which crops you can use, simply click on the “Paint” button.

In this specific market are listed the crops that will give the paints you need. Select the crop you want to plant then fertilize and harvest it.

In need of more paint? Then no problem! There’s a way to increase the paint that each crop will give.

You simply have to craft the items found on the lower right side of the market menu.

Each bucket can hold a minimum amount of paint. You can increase its capacity so it can contain more paint.

Start improving the bucket’s capacity by clicking on the “Upgrade” button.

Craft the materials shown in the window to upgrade your paint bucket.

Once the bucket is full, its content will then fill up the palette that has the colors you will use for the first panel.

When the palette is full, click on the “Fill” button so it will go to the first panel of the painting.

Complete the five palettes needed to complete the painting.

Once the panel is complete, you’ll receive clues and rewards.

You can earn extra clues when you finish the panels before the time runs out.

Keep planting the crops from the specific market so you can get more paint so you can finish the first painting.

Once the panels are complete, you now have access to the green color that you can use for the next four panels.

You can get the color green by mixing the blue and yellow colors.

Keep collecting clues to get the statues of prosperity!

Can’t wait to see all the paintings restored and to get all these awesome rewards!