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Nothing Elks Compares! Official Guide Jan 30, 2018

Here’s a couple who met at the Matchmaking Festival - Ethan and Lisa. Gus brought them to your farm as they need help with the pair of abandoned baby elk they found in the woods where they were camping.

As you can see, one of the elk hasn’t grown its antlers yet. That makes them very curious of each other and so they will need a lot of attention. Can you take care of them by building an Elk Nook on your farm? You’re the best person to show them that they’re two of a kind, so the baby Eastern Elk and baby Eltai Elk will definitely feel at home.

If you are level 15 or higher, the “Nothing Elks Compares” popup will appear. Click on the “Place Elk Nook” button to begin this feature.

Begin building the nook by collecting all the materials you need.

Next, ask your friends to help finish it or hire builders.

The finished Elk Nook will look like this:

To begin adopting the two baby elk, click on the nook. On the left side of the menu are the images of the two baby elk and some fun facts about them. It will also show how much time remains for you to complete the feature.

There are a set of tasks that you’ll need to complete for each of these elk. The tasks are shown on the right side of the menu.

There are two tasks left to complete for the baby Eastern Elk: Collect 8 Elk Soft Toys and make 5 Antler Caps. To get Elk Soft Toys, complete the “Hide and Seek!” line of quests. You can access the quest in two ways. One, click on the “Go To Quest!” button on the menu.

And two, click on the quest icon on the left side of the screen.

To craft the Antler Caps, click on the “Make It!” button.

In the Crafting workshop, you’ll see the materials you need to make the caps. If you are lacking in materials, get help by either clicking the “Post” button or calling your Co-op.

After completing the tasks for the baby Eastern Elk, you can now adopt the animal!

The tasks for the baby Altai Elk are: craft 5 Scratching Posts, 5 Red Teddy Bears, and 5 Grass Treats.

Once all the items have been the crafted, the baby Altai Elk is now ready to go home with you!

The 2 baby elk will surely be comfortable in the nook you have on your farm so go ahead and start to adopt them!


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