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Toy Donation Drive! Official Guide

Toy Donation Drive!

The Sprout Troops are out in full force for their Toy Donation Drive! They are going farm to farm because they need all the help they can get from the county folks. The toys they will gather will be given to kids who don’t have any. Will you help them out?

You can do your share by collecting Toy Supplies to make the toys. To get more supplies work with the community in this worthwhile project. For your reward, you and the community will win amazing rewards!

If you are level 15 or higher, the “Toy Donation Drive!” popup will appear. Click on the “Let’s Go!” button to find out more.

You can find the Toy Donation Drive table outside your farm near the Diligent Keeper Flag Pole. You can also access the feature through its icon on the left side of the screen. Click on the table to start collecting supplies.

Work with the community to collect Toy Supplies and make lots of kids in our county really happy. Each member of the community will need to contribute supplies and meet the community goal.

To collect Toy Supplies, you need to complete the farm tasks shown in the task window.

Once the three tasks are complete, you can now spin the wheel and win a reward.

You and the community will be able to get rewards when the group reaches specific milestones.

Keep track of the top three contributors in the community by checking the Neighbor Ranking table on the left of the menu.

Aside from contributing to the community goals, the farm tasks you complete will also help you reach your personal goals. These personal goals can unlock Toy Supplies Badges to claim unlocked community rewards.

You can also win rewards when you’ve reached specific milestones in your personal goals.

You can replay the personal goals to win personal rewards and contribute more!

You can ask your friends for help so you can contribute extra Toy Supplies by sending them the Gift Box!

The Sprout Troops are waiting for your help. Start the Toy Donation Drive now and win lots of great prizes!