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Love Is All Brew Need! Official Guide Feb 6, 2018

Love Is All Brew Need!

Barbara’s Matchmaking Festival is thriving! There's a good turnout of County folk and couples and she’s got a fascinating business proposal for Cornelius - he is to brew Love Potions to sell at the Festival! Barbara believes that these fragrant, fruity and floral concoctions will be a huge hit with the festival-goers!

Cornelius is all for the idea but he’s a little rusty with this romance stuff and he’ll need a hand brewing these potions. Help him by building a Love Potion Station on your farm and you’ll be rewarded with a cute baby African Pygmy Hedgehog!

If you are level 15 or higher, the “Love Is All Brew Need!” popup will appear. Click on the “Build Love Potion Station!” button to begin this feature.

To build the Love Potion Station you must first collect the materials you need.

Then, ask your friends to help finish it or hire builders.

The finished Love Potion Station, which is automatically placed outside your farm, will look like this:

Click on the building to start making Love Potions. In the Love Potion Station, you will need to collect Potion Points. There are three easy ways to get this item:

Craft Love Potions - You can choose from any of the potions available in the menu. In making a choice, take note that each potion gives out a different number of Potion Points and has a different number of crafting hours.

You can view other potions that you can craft by clicking on the left or right arrows:

Click on the potion you have selected to start crafting. If you have the complete ingredients, click on the “Craft” button. However, you need not worry if you lack the materials you need for crafting. Just ask for help by posting or calling your Co-op.

The Love Potion will then be crafted in a Brewing Cauldron. There are 5 cauldrons in the station and one cauldron will be used per potion that you craft. For starters, there are two Brewing Cauldrons that are available for your use.

Three more cauldrons can be built for you to craft more potions. You will need to collect these materials to build the first cauldron:

The second cauldron will need these materials:

And lastly, these are the materials you need to collect for the third cauldron:

Complete quests in the “Wedding Favors!” line of quests.

Purchase Potion Points using Farm bucks.

Once the potion is crafted, you can claim your Potion Points and share them!

The counter at the lower left corner of the menu will keep track of the Potion Points you’ve earned.

You’ll begin getting rewards when you’ve reached specific milestones in the station. The yellow bar will mark your progress.

Collect all the Potion Points needed to win the baby African Pygmy Hedgehog and 10 Favors!

Start brewing enchanting Love Potions and win amazing rewards!