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The Greater Bird of Paradise! Official Guide Feb 9 2018

The Greater Bird of Paradise!

Wendell is delighted to be back! However, he’s got a little problem he’d like your help with. He found a bird that needs a lot of caring as it was wounded in the storm. He knows how gentle you are with creatures so he’d like you to keep him in your Songbird tree for a while.

If you are level 15 or higher, the "A New Birdie’s on Its Way!" popup will appear. Click on the "Okay!" button to know more about this feature.

The “Tis the Season of Love!” popup will open and it’s time to get ready for the cutest love story between the Greater Bird of Paradise and the Songbird in FarmVille 2 ! Click on the “Let’s Go!” button to proceed.

The Greater Bird of Paradise has come to spread love throughout your farm. There 6 Stages of Attraction to complete and win Hearts. When you’ve collected enough Hearts, the bird will bring you goodies for up to 25 days. Click on the “Let’s Go!” button to find out more.

The early access popup will then appear. If you want to start completing the Stages right away, click on the “Buy Now!” button and get an extra week head start! You can also begin later when the feature is released to everyone.

Click on the Native Songbird Tree to open the feature.

The Greater Bird of Paradise is placed with the Songbird and soon we’ll find out if love will bloom between them. There are 6 Stages of Attraction that you will need to complete. Finish the first Stage to proceed to the next.

Each of the 6 Stages has a set of farm tasks that you must complete. The first set of tasks must be finished to unlock the next set of tasks.

Once you have completed a task, a green check mark will appear and then you can proceed to the next set of tasks.

Collect the most amount of hearts ahead of time to collect the most amount of hearts and get the best level of goodies collected by the songbird.

After completing a Stage, you will get rewards. Redeem them by clicking on the “Claim Rewards” button. You can also share your accomplishment by putting a check mark on the “Share this picture” option.

Once Stage 1 is complete Stage 2 is unlocked and you can choose the mode of play that you want - Normal or Challenge. The Challenge mode gives more Hearts.

When making a choice, remember that once you’ve chosen a mode of play, you will not be able to change it until you have completed the Stage you are currently in.

You can see the reward level you’re currently in by clicking on the “View Reward level” button.

The Heartbeat Meter will then appear and you’ll be able to see the levels you’ve finished and the prizes that each level will reward.

Collect the most amount of Hearts to finish the feature on the Level 5 reward and enjoy claiming up to 25 amazing goodies. You can access these goodies from the Birdhouse that you place on your farm. You can only claim one reward of your choice per day based on your reward level. Only a Level 5 winner gets access to claim all 25 goodies.

And lastly, through the 6 wonderful Stages of Attraction, witness the Greater Bird of Paradise heal, bond and fall in love.

It sure is great to be a part of this sweet love story! So, start collecting the Hearts now!


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