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Growth Notes Official Guide Feb 13 2018

Growth Notes

Can you feel it? The land around us is awakening! Here comes Spring, and it brings new life everywhere! Marie always welcomes this season - for there is growth all around us. And she would like to document the growth of our new plants, trees and animals. You can help record their growth at the Growth Study Table on your farm and you’ll get a baby Mottled Pekin Chicken in return.

If you are level 15 or higher, the “How’s It Growing?” popup will appear. Click on the “Place Buildable!” button to begin this feature.

Start building the table by collecting the materials.

Next, ask your friends for help or hire builders.

The finished Growth Study Table will look like this:

Click on the building to view the menu. You will need to complete Growth Notes to collect Growth Points in the Growth Study Table. To complete Growth Notes, you must collect Tokens.

Where can you get Tokens? You need to complete farm tasks to get this item. There are the three kinds of Tokens to collect:

1. Animal Tokens: Raise, feed, Super Feed and grow to Prize animals.

2. Crop Tokens: Harvest crops. Fertilize your crops for a better chance of getting tokens.

3. Tree Tokens: Harvest trees. Fertilizing your trees gives a better chance of getting tokens.

To keep track of how many Tokens you have collected check the Token Counter on the left side of the menu.

When you have enough Tokens, you can begin completing Growth Notes to earn Growth Points. In making a selection, take note that each note needs a specific number of Tokens and gives out different points.

You’ll have to choose another Growth Note to work on after you have completed a note. Take note once again that each option requires a specific number of Tokens and awards different points.

Did you know that there’s a way to complete notes faster. Yes, you can do this by using Helper Cards.

If you need more Helper Cards, you can always ask your friends for Chips or buy them using Farm bucks.

Know how many Growth Points you have earned by checking the Points Counter on the lower left corner of the menu.

Upon reaching specific milestones, you will earn rewards. The red bar will show your progress.

Do you want to get Bonus rewards? Then reach the milestone before the time runs out. To view the bonus hover over the rewards.

Get all the Growth Points needed to win the baby Mottled Pekin Chicken and 10 Favors.

Let’s start making Growth Notes and win awesome rewards!