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An Abridged Fairytale! Official Guide Feb 20 2018

An Abridged Fairytale!

Having tea at Cornelius’ house has always been wonderful. What makes it even more special is the view of the charming bridge in his rose garden. Now, Cornelius’ wife couldn’t help but notice that you were gazing at it when you had tea with them yesterday.

Guess what! Cornelius is here to help you build one for yourself! Design the Fairy Garden Bridge any way you like in your Design Workshop. And when you’re done, Cornelius will give you a baby Black Wooly Paramo Donkey as a present too!

If you are level 15 or higher, the "An Abridged Fairytale!" popup will appear. Click on the "Start Building" button to know more about this feature.

Start building the workshop by collecting the materials you need.

Next, ask your friends for help or hire builders.

The finished workshop, which is automatically placed outside your farm, will look like this:

In the workshop, you will find the blueprint of the bridge on the right side of the menu.

You can customize the design of the bridge by selecting your favorite design in each part. The parts of the bridge are still locked and they can be made accessible by collecting Design Points.

Take note that you must unlock the Pond part before you can unlock the next part of your bridge. When you have enough Design Points, the Pond is unlocked and you can toggle between the buttons to choose which of the 2 designs you like for your Fairy Garden Bridge.

How do you collect Design Points? Here are four simple ways to collect them:

Complete the tasks shown on the task shelves on the left side of the Workshop.

You can unlock the tasks by raising baby Elk or getting adult Elk.

Click on the “Get Elk” button to add this animal in your farm.

The Elk not only unlock tasks but also provide Limestones which you will need for crafting items in your tasks.

To get Limestones, feed the Elk on your farm.

After getting Elk, the shelf is now unlocked and you can begin doing the tasks. Each task gives out a different number of Design Points, so choose wisely.

Complete the “Bridges Of Our County“ line of quests.

Post for help so your friends can send you some Design Points.

Purchase Design Points using Farm Bucks.

The Design Points you have collected can be checked in the counter at the lower left part of the menu.

While you’re designing your bridge, you can start getting rewards when you reach specific milestones in the workshop. Reaching these milestones also unlocks the parts of the Fairy Garden Bridge.

20 Design Points = unlocks the Pond part

65 Design Points = Tulipwood Tree

125 Design Points = unlocks the Deck part

230 Design Points = Resource Pack

420 Design Points = unlocks the Railing part, baby Black Wooly Paramo Donkey, and Favors

Note: When you reach a milestone that unlocks a part of the bridge, it is the customization choices for that part that you unlocked and not the physical part itself. You’ll get to keep the whole Fairy Garden Bridge once you finish the feature after unlocking all the parts.

Make your bridge as beautiful as you can make it so it’ll charm the county folk!