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The Souvenir Barn! Official Guide March 6 2018

Marie’s always been talking about making souvenirs for visitors to the County. She thinks the large crowd at the Spring Picnic would definitely love to buy some keepsakes! Why not set up a Souvenir Barn and craft souvenirs of their choice, to remind them of our beautiful County? Everyone in the County would be so pleased that you’ve done the County proud! You’ll also get the cute baby Brown and White Knabstrupper Horse, as a reward!

If you are level 15 or higher, the “Hurry! They’re Queuing Up!” popup will appear. Click on the “Build Souvenir Barn!” button to begin this feature.

To start building the barn, collect all the materials you need.

Then, ask your friends for help or hire builders.

The finished barn, which is automatically placed outside your farm near the foraging area, will look like this:

(NOTE TO TEAM: Please change image as there is an overlap with Matchmaker Cafe feature.)

Click on the building to start making souvenirs. In the barn, you will be crafting souvenirs requested by customers to earn a Happy Point!

Your first customer is Rodney who has requests for you to craft. He also has a total of 22 Tokens to pay you for his requests.

His first request is for Landmark Souvenirs.

To make him a happy customer, craft any souvenir from the Landmark Souvenirs stall and he will give you Souvenir Tokens.

To start making the Landmark Souvenirs, click on the “Go Craft” button.

There are three kinds of Landmark Souvenirs: Souvenir Seed Box, Applaloosa Wall Art, and Rainbow Dreamcatcher. Note that each type of souvenir gives out a different number of Souvenir Tokens.

Craft the souvenir you’ve chosen by clicking on the “Make” button. If you are need of ingredients, you can either plant the crops or request for help by clicking on the “Post” button.

For making the Rainbow Dreamcatcher souvenir, you are paid 6 Tokens.

There are two other types of souvenirs that can be crafted in the barn: Farm Fresh Bakes and Local Handicrafts. Since these souvenirs are not requested by the customer, you can only prepare for those requests by gathering ingredients. Once a customer requests from these stalls, you will be able to craft souvenirs from the requested stalls.

Click on the “Prepare” button to see what you need to make in the future.

To prepare for future requests you can harvest, ask and post for ingredients of the items you will craft.

The Make button is locked until a customer requests for souvenirs from this stall.

After customer has spent all his Souvenir Tokens, you will get a Happy Point that will help in your progression to win amazing rewards!

You can also earn a Bonus Coupon by making the customer happy before their Bonus Time runs out.

You can use your Bonus Coupons to get great bonus rewards!

Keep track of your Happy Points by checking the counter on lower corner of the barn.

You will start earning rewards when you’ve reached specific milestones in the Souvenir Barn. The yellow bar will mark your progress.

I know you’re eager to start crafting amazing souvenirs! So, build your barn now and get awesome rewards!