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Kitty & The Beast! Official Guide

Kitty & The Beast!

The FarmVille County is doubly excited about the upcoming seasonal Pet Theater Festival. Why? Because this time, our cats will be the stars of the show! Wouldn’t they be adorable in a stage adaptation of “Beauty & the Beast”? The townsfolk have chosen you to train their cats and direct the play. For your efforts, you’ll be rewarded with a special Scottish Fold Kitten!

If you are level 50 or higher, the new "Pet Theater" popup will appear. Click on the "Show Me!" button to know more about this feature.

It’s now time to start training our cats so they’ll truly shine in the play we call “Kitty & The Beast”!

Click on the “Tell me more!” button to proceed with the feature.

Your very own Pet Theater is then automatically placed outside your farm near the foraging area. See what’s in store for you by clicking on the building.

The early access option window will then appear. You can choose to start training the cats early and gain extra benefits by clicking on the “Unlock now” button. You can also begin later when the feature is released to everyone. Mouse over each benefit to find out more about it.

In the stage production, there are four cats that you need to train for the roles assigned to them.

The first cat will train for the role of the Witch in the play.

To train the cats, you need to complete farm tasks.

Each of the 4 cats will need to rehearse for 3 Acts.

Complete an Act before the time runs out to get a Bonus that you can use for the next Act.

Want help in getting tasks done? Marie and Barbara are here to help you, so give them tasks to complete.

Click on the “Add” button so they can start with the task.

Then click a task in the menu that you want help with. Take note that each task gives out a different number of Sponsor Points.

While Marie is busy completing her task, you can ask Barbara to help out.

More help is on its way! Simply fill the “Get More Help” bar by completing tasks for Walter, Gus and Cornelius to come by and help.

If you chose early access, you will have free water for 30 minutes during Act 1, so use it wisely! Whether or not you chose early access, you’ll have plenty of help throughout the event - completing Act 1 in 2 days will give you a useful Bonus for Act 2, completing Act 2 in 2 days will give you another Bonus for Act 3, and so on!

Once you have completed the tasks for Act 1, the cat is ready to rehearse.

Now, see how well the cat does in its role!

After the cat’s rehearsal for the first Act, you can begin preparing it for the second Act. Make sure you claim your Bonuses during the Acts for which you won them.

Keep completing tasks to get more Sponsor Points. You can use these points to redeem rewards.

Once all 4 cats have rehearsed for their 3 Acts, you can sit back and watch the entire play. You also get to win the super cute Scottish Fold Kitten. Click on her to collect Rare Ingredients once every day. If you accessed the feature early, she will give you both Rare Ingredients and Consumables.

The cats can’t wait to take on their roles, so start the rehearsals at the Pet Theater!