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Training School Official Guide March 20 2018

Training School

We all know know that animals also like to frolic and have fun. But some can be rowdy and mischievous. Not to worry, though. These animals only need a little training so they won’t misbehave. Build a Training School to house visiting farmers’ animals and teach the naughty ones some discipline. For your efforts, you’ll win a baby Skyros Mini Horse!

If you are level 15 or higher, the new "Back to School!" popup will appear. Click on the "Build Training School!" button to begin this feature.

Start building the school by collecting all the materials you need.

The finished Training School, which is automatically placed outside your farm, will look like this:

Start teaching the animals by clicking on the building.

Getting Permits to check-in animals

Before you can house the animals that you’ll train, you need to first get the rooms ready. To be able to do this, you need to collect Permits. Earn Permits by tending to your own farm animals.

You will be collecting two types of Permits: Premium and Standard. To get Premium Permits, raise baby animals by using Baby Bottles. Super Feed and Feed adult animals to get Standard Permits.

Helper Cards

You can get more Permits by using the Helper Cards. These cards can be given by friends when you use the Post button. You can also get these cards by buying Reception Bells.

Animal Rooms

Once you have collected Permits, you can now house the animals for training. In the school, there are five rooms that you can use - 3 Premium Rooms and 2 Standard Rooms. The Premium Rooms will use your Premium Permits while the Standard Rooms will need Standard Permits.

The animal that needs shelter in your school is waiting in the Reception area. Click on a room to check-in the animal.

Once the animal is checked-in, you can keep track of the time that it’ll check out by the timer on the lower left portion of the room.

Getting Star Reviews

Each time an animal checks in your school, you’ll earn Star Reviews. You’ll also get Star Reviews when an animal checks out of your school.

Know how many reviews you’ve received so far, by checking on the counter.

The Full House Bonus

Want to get more Star Reviews? You can do this by using all the available rooms in your school.

Milestone Rewards

You will get rewards when you’ve reached specific milestones in the feature. So, keep collecting Star Reviews to get these prizes! The yellow bar will mark your progress.

Keeping an Animal Guest

There’ll be plenty of animals who would want to be trained in your school. All of them are special and unique. You might be interested to keep some of them so watch for an owner who will make you an offer to keep the animal for your own! When purchased, these special pets will give you twice the number of Permits when you Feed, Super Feed and raise them!

The animals will surely benefit with the training you’ll give them so start giving them room in your school and win awesome rewards!