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Gourmet Farm Closure FAQ

Here are some answers to questions that you might have in mind on the closure of the Gourmet Farm!

What will happen to my Gourmet Farm?

The Gourmet Farm is closing down.

Your Gourmet Farm will become inaccessible 7 days after you've received the Gourmet Farm closure pop-up. During the countdown, it remains accessible so you can plan ahead and decide how to use up your resources, especially the Credits which you can exchange for Boosts. After which, the Gourmet Farm and Boosts Menu will be gone.

Why is the Gourmet farm being closed?

We at FarmVille 2 are always trying our best to give you the best playing experience possible. In order to make your game smoother, we had to make the heartbreaking decision of shutting down the Gourmet Farm. In addition, you will have more time to attend to the home farm as well as your current tasks or quests.

Do we get a refund for all the Farm Bucks used in the MGF?

No, you will not be getting any refund on farm bucks used while playing on the Gourmet Farm. However, any unused assets and resources from the Gourmet Farm will be converted to equivalent resources for your home farm. Below is the list of equivalent resources that can be used on your home farm. All your decorations will be safely stored in your inventory.

Mountain Goats and Yaks = Adult Goats and Yaks

Silver Platter = Amber Prize Shovel

Gold Platter = Ruby Prize Shovel

Insta-craft = Speed-grow

Mulch = Water

Credits = Coins

What will happen to the Credits I have left?

We value your effort and therefore your earned credits will be converted to coins that you can use on your home farm.

What will happen to the Insta-craft and Mulch that I wasn't able to use?

Your Insta Craft will be converted to Speed Grow and any unused Mulch will be available as Coins on your home farm.

I had placed some decos on the Gourmet Farm. Will I ever get them back?

We know how much you love your decorations and we value them as much as you do. Therefore, your decos will be safely stored in your inventory.

Will I get reimbursement for the Farm Bucks gourmet animals that I had purchased?

Any Yaks and Mountain Goats you had on your Gourmet Farm will be found as Goats and Yaks in your home farm’s inventory.

Thank you for cooperating with us and we believe that taking this step will give you a better and smoother farming experience!

What will happen to the Insta-craft and Mulch that will remain until the closure?

Your remaining Insta-craft and Mulch will be converted to Speed-Grow and Water respectively, and will be stored to the Inventory.

Will I still be able to purchase Boosts using my remaining Credits once the Gourmet Farm is closed?

No. Upon the closure of Gourmet Farm, the Boosts Menu also becomes unavailable. Any Credits left will be converted to Coins for the home farm.