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Treetop Search Station Official Guide

Treetop Search Station

Oh no! Gus is in a lot of trouble! He forgot to fix one of his broken fences and, sure enough, his baby animals took this chance to escape. His guard dog, Rufus, was not able to stop them and so he’ll be needing your help to round the animals up. Lend your hand by manning the Treetop Search Station that he has set up in your farm and collect Flashlights to search for the animals. You’ll get great rewards for your efforts!

If you are level 15 or higher, the “Gus’s Little Runaways“ popup will appear. If you want to begin searching for the baby animals, click on the “Start Now!” button and get an extra week head start! You can also begin later when the feature is released to everyone.

Once you have opted for the early access, you’ll be able to claim the rewards by clicking on the “Amazing!” button.

Then, click on the “Let’s go!” button to proceed with the search.

Gus has set up your Treetop Search Station outside your farm. Click on it to learn more.

Before you can start searching for the animals that escaped, you’ll need to collect Flashlights. The counter for how many Flashlights you have collected is found on the upper left corner of the station.

To get one Flashlight, you’ll have to complete four farm tasks. The tasks are shown on the left portion of the station.

Once you have earned one Flashlight, you can now use it to search the first area in the map.

Click on the Riverside area to begin the search.

In the Riverside, you’ll need to search for four baby animals.

There are five circles to choose from. Each circle that you click on will use up one Flashlight.

If you’ve made the correct choice of circle to click on, you’ll be able to uncover the baby animal.

You need to find the other three animals that are hiding in the Riverside area before you can unlock the next area.

There are six areas in the map that you need to explore and you’ll be looking for a total of 24 baby animals.

Keep on searching for these animals and get rewards when you reach specific milestones. The yellow bar will mark your progress.

Want to get a bonus reward? You simply have to find the four animals hiding in one area before the time runs out.

Then you can choose which of the four you would like to keep! You will also get other prizes!

We have to find these animals fast! Start searching for them so you’ll get these awesome rewards!