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The Mini Barn Official Guide

The Mini Barn

There was a disturbance at the Spring Jubilee and your help is badly needed – a baby cow and a baby mini cow were found running amok through the crowds, with their owner nowhere in sight! What’s more, the baby mini cow has got into her head that the baby cow is her mother! Can you lend a hand by taking these animals in and fixing the mix-up? Build them a Mini Barn and start right away. For your effort, you will get a baby Evolene Cow and a baby Charbray Mini Cow!

If you are level 15 or higher, the “Mini-Mum Error!” popup will appear. Click on the “Place Mini Barn” button to begin the feature.

To build the Mini Barn, you need to collect all the materials required.

Then, ask your friends for help or hire builders.

The cozy Mini Barn will look like this when you’ve finished building it.

Begin helping the baby cows by clicking on the Barn. The two baby cows that you’ll be adopting are shown on the left side of the menu. There’s also a counter for how many days the feature will run.

On the right side of the menu are the set of tasks that you need to complete for each of these baby cows.

For the baby Evolene Cow, task 1 was completed when you built the Mini Barn. There are two more tasks to complete: Collect Maize Cakes and Make Hoof Care Kits.

To get the Maize Cakes, you have to finish “The Walter Intervention” line of quests. You can access this quest in two ways. First, by clicking on the “Go To Quest” button on the menu.

And second, by clicking on the quest icon on the left side of the screen.

To craft the Hoof Care Kits, click on the “Make It!” button.

There are two items you’ll need to collect to make the kits. If you don’t have the complete set, use the “Call My Co-op” or “Post” button to ask for help.

Once the tasks for the baby Evolene Cow are complete, she is ready for adoption, so go ahead and claim her!

It’s now the turn of the baby Charbray Mini Cow to be adopted and you need to craft three items: Milk Sippy Cups, Hay Mats, and Creep Feeders. Start crafting by clicking on the “Make It!” buttons.

After crafting the items, you can welcome the baby Charbray Mini Cow on your farm.

These two adorable animals can’t wait to be yours, so start playing now!