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The FarmVille Derby! Official Guide

Ready...Get set...Go! Here comes FarmVille’s Derby and our horses are raring to race! Start training them to join the derby and compete against other farmers’ steeds. You will have the chance to earn Trophies and other great rewards!

If you are level 15 or higher, “The FarmVille Derby Is Here!” popup will appear. Click on the “Let’s go!” button to learn more about this exciting feature.

At the start of the feature, Marie will provide you with a high-spirited filly that she has trained. She will also give you the stable where you can train your horses.

Click on the stable to see the Champion Horse that you will train.

Training your horse

You will be training your horse for 3 vital stats: Strength, Speed and Stamina.

To practice your horse click on the Train button.

Increase the level of the 3 stats by feeding your horse with three special kinds of race feed.

Each type of race feed raises a specific stat.

It is important to check the yellow bar to see the amount of race feed you’re giving your horse.

A full bar will raise that specific stat by one point.

You need to feed your horse to raise its stat a little.

Feeding the horse

To feed your horse, click on the up arrows.

Take note that you can feed the horse for a total of 200 race feed each training period.