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The Fortnight of Helping Official Guide

The Fortnight of Helping

Here’s a bit of good news! The Fortnight of Helping is here to stay! This is definitely a great boost to our farms as we all need a helping hand from time to time.

If you are level 25 or higher, the “Upgrade Your Farm’s Water Capacity to 45!” popup will appear. Click on the “Show Me How!” button to learn more about this exciting feature.

With this feature you can ask other farmers to help you with hard to finish tasks. To proceed, click on the arrow on the right of the screen.

Then, you can also help other farmers with their tasks. Again, click on the click on the arrow on the right of the screen to know more.

Help other farmers to increase your farm’s water capacity by 15 extra water, each week! Here’s a FREE trial of the increased water capacity for you!

The FarmVille’s Helping Hand is then automatically placed outside your farm. Click on the building to see what’s in store for you!




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