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  • Why are my crops withered?

  • Why am I unable to load my farm?

  • Why can't I see some of my Neighbors' photos?

  • Why can't I plant Rose Milkflower?

  • Why does my Mottled White Scottish Fold Cat keep disappearing?

  • Gourmet Farm Closure FAQs

  • Why can't I harvest my Mud Wallow?

  • Why is my Chicken not moving after filling up the Tuning Fork in the Rooster Coop?

  • How do I enable Flash Player on my browser?

  • Why can't I complete the patterns in the Rich Order Board?

  • Why am I getting less Power from my Windmill or Power Meter?

  • How does the Rooster feed my adult chickens?

  • Where is my Live Chat?

  • Why is the Prized Animal Barn not giving any resources?

  • Why does the loading bar get stuck using Firefox?

  • Why am I getting 45 Fertilizers from the Fertilizer Shed?

  • What can I do when the loading bar is stuck or when encountering Whoops-a-Daisy error?

  • I am experiencing crashing issues. What should I do?

  • Why can't I contribute to my Co-Op member's Shared Order?

  • Why can't I harvest my Fuel Pump?

  • Why are my farmhands not appearing?

  • Why are my neighbors missing from the Neighbor Bar?

  • What is the new Co-op Goal?

  • Why are the names not visible in the State Fair League?

  • Why did I not receive the 50 Water for being the Top Farmer in my Co-op?

  • Why are neighbors not appearing in the game?


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