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Farmville2 X-Press ... Popup On Farms Now

Farmer, you'll be facing some issues due to all the permissions required to use FLASH.

But worry not!

There's a one click solution to fix that FOR GOOD!

Simply add our secure FarmVille 2 X-Press Extension, and you're all set for the future.

To ensure awards are issued, Please wait for this popup on your farm.

Please note you will not be able to add this while in Incognito mode (Private Browsing)

After installing this icon will appear st the top right of your browser, Upon clicking it you will get this popup which lets you know your installation was successful.

This icon will appear on the left side of your game screen

This will appear on the right side of your screen, Click to Login in

Clicking Awesome Tab will issue rewards. Please refresh if all rewards are not issued, or a whoops a daisy error occurs.


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