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All In Good Taste! Official Guide

All In Good Taste!

Barbara’s household is all of a flutter ever since talk of the election started. It’s all she ever hears about anymore and waiting around for the results is only adding to her stress! She’s always found cooking to be a huge stress reliever at times like these and she’s been cooking up a storm for her new revamped menu at the B&B! Barbara believes that holding tasting trials will help her finalize on her new menu! She’ll need your expert help to host Tasting Sessions at the Kitchen Bar and she’ll give you a baby Guernsey Mini Goat for your hard work.

If you are level 15 or higher, the “All In Good Taste!” popup will appear. Click on the “Build Kitchen Bar!” button to start the feature.

The first step to build the bar is to collect all the materials you need.

Next step is to ask your friends for help or hire builders.

When you’ve finished building the bar, it’ll look like this:

Click on the bar and start sampling the new B&B menu. There are four courses to taste: Soup, Appetizer, Main Course, and Dessert. You can only sample the first course as you need to finish it first before the next one is unlocked.

Start hosting the Soup tasting by completing the tasks that are shown in the menu. Take note that each course has a different set of tasks that must be completed.

After completing the tasks for each course, you will get a reward. For the Soup course, you’ll get Resources.

To host tasting sessions for each course, you’ll be collecting Place Cards and inviting friends to attend

There are four easy ways to collect Place Cards:

  1. Complete the tasks for each course. Each task gives out a different number of badges.

  1. Complete quests in the In the Spotlight! line of quests.

  2. Ask for help by clicking on the Post button on the lower left part of the menu.

  1. Buy Place Cards using Farm bucks.

Check the counter to see how many Place Cards you have collected. Take note that excess Place Cards will be carried over for the next set of requirements.

When you have collected the 6 Place Cards needed for the first course, you can now invite 4 friends to attend. There are two ways to complete this requirement: click on the Invite button or buy Invites.

Once your friends have accepted the invitation, proceed with hosting the tasting session by clicking on the Soup-er Trooper! button

  1. Now, watch while your friends taste the Soup of the Day that Barbara has created.

Next, you will be able to claim and share your rewards from the tasting session you’ve just hosted.

You can now begin completing tasks for the second tasting session.

Complete hosting all the tasting sessions to get the baby Guernsey Mini Goat and 10 Favors.

Start hosting your Tasting Sessions now and get fantastic rewards!