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Plant the attractive Scarlet Gourd! (Market LE Items) Jan 7 2019

Grow Scarlet Gourd, check out Long Tailed Chinchilla, Drumstick Trees and more!

Release Date: Jan 7 2019

(Subject To Change)


Wisteria Bouquet Heirloom Wisteria Bouquet Wisteria Perfume

Heirloom Wisteria Perfume Drumstick Pickle Heirloom Drumstick Pickle

Drumstick Buttermilk Curry . Heirloom Drumstick Buttermilk Curry

Scarlet Gourd Fry Scarlet Gourd Curry


Baby White Breasted Chocolate Guineafowl Adult White Breasted Chocolate Guineafowl Prized White Breasted Chocolate Guineafowl Baby Danish Landrace Pig Adult Danish Landrace Pig Prized Danish Landrace Pig Baby Red Spotted Cyprus Mini Donkey Adult Red Spotted Cyprus Mini Donkey Prized Red Spotted Cyprus Mini Donkey Baby Long Tailed Chinchilla Adult Long Tailed Chinchilla Prized Long Tailed Chinchilla


Takhian Tree Heirloom Takhian Tree Elder Takhian Tree

Japanese Purple Wisteria Heirloom Japanese Purple Wisteria

Elder Japanese Purple Wisteria Japanese Purple Wisteria Fruit

Heirloom Japanese Purple Wisteria Fruit

Drumstick Heirloom Drumstick Elder Drumstick

Drumstick Fruit Heirloom Drumstick Fruit


Scarlet Gourd Prized Scarlet Gourd

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