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Glitch: Harvesting Crops From a Neighbor

Harvesting crops from a neighbor.

This glitch will allow you to visit a neighbor’s farm and when you return to your farm some of your neighbor’s crops in fields, trees in groves... will return with you.

The crops will be auto-harvested when you return to your farm and you can harvest the trees using a trick and store some of the elder trees.

Plus, with the current Winter Greenhouse quest, this glitch will give you some of the Floral Bulbs.

If you look around you will probably see some trees.

The trick to harvesting the trees is - - wait for it.

You have to harvest one of your trees first and continue to hold the left mouse button down then drag the cursor over your neighbor’s trees.

Not all of the trees will harvest, but a large majority will.

Also, if you open the Tool Bar and click the Move to Inventory button you can store a majority of the elder trees which arrived from your neighbor’s farm.

Follow these steps

a) Chose a neighbor you want to visit who has crops ready to harvest. Image A

b) Move your neighbor to the first slot on the right of the neighbors bar.Image B

c) Click the top arrow on the left side of the neighbor's bar twice to move your neighbor over 2 more slots. Image C

d) Start doing a left mouse button click on the neighbor in the right slot and continue to click until the General Store bar changes to the Return Button then just one or two more clicks in the first Slot on the right.

e) Remember you want to continue to click the first slot even after it changes neighbor icons.

f) After your neighbor’s farm loads, click the Return button to return to your farm. If the glitch worked, you will see an auto-harvest of crops when you returned to your farm, if it didn’t work try again.