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Build Your Puzzle Corner! January 8 2019

A Little Puzzled! Collect Tokens from Animals, Trees and Crops to complete Jigsaw Puzzles! Collect 3 Crop Tokens from the Puzzle Corner. Earn 410 Puzzle Points at the Puzzle Corner. Win a baby Charcoal Chinchilla!

Release Date: January 8 2019

(Subject To Change)

Puzzle Board Puzzle Pieces Cozy Cushion

Puzzle Corner Puzzle Point Puzzle Chip

Materials for the Next Quest:

Display Cabinet County Art Prints Luxury Tea Set


Baby Charcoal Chinchilla Adult Charcoal Chinchilla Prized Charcoal Chinchilla


Snowdrop Bench Snowdrop Outhouse Peaceful Potter Garden Lantern


Crop Token Tree Token Animal Token

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