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"The B&B Gift Shop!" Quest Jan 8 2019

The B&B Gift Shop

1. Neighbor Had A Better Idea


Perform 5 helpful actions on neighbors farm

Collect 15 Water

Water 15 Scarlet Gourds

2. Surfing The Cabi Net


Get 5 Display Cabinets

Feed 6 Adult Chickens

Make 4 Lye

3. I Will Try To Figs You!


Harvest 3 Fig Trees

Feed 5 Adult Mini Cows

Have Your Sweetie or Kid do 1 Pearl Diving Job

4. Artsy Folk!


Get 5 Sets of County Art Prints

Gather 20 Power

Make 4 Raisin Scones

5. The Butterfly Effect!


Tend your Yogurt Creamery 2 times

Harvest 8 Peach Trees

Make 3 Butterfly Charms

6. Toying With You!


Feed 8 Adult Rabbits

Make 5 Hay Dolls

Make 3 Stuffed Buffalo Toys