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Build Your Snow Chalet! January 22 2019

Build the Snow Chalet on your farm.Earn a baby Mini Black Texas Longhorn Cow. Earn 5 Wild Snow Fences at the Snow Chalet.

Hi. Everyone in the County’s busy at the Winter Challenge and there’s no one to keep the animals occupied! Would you help Rusty build a Snow Chalet for the animals to play in and have their own winter adventure?

Release Date: January 22 2019

(Subject To Change)

Chalet Signboard Foundation Stone Winter Sled Snow Chalet

Star Review Premium Permit Standard Permit Reception Bell


Baby Mini Black Texas Longhorn Cow

Adult Mini Black Texas Longhorn Cow

Prized Mini Black Texas Longhorn Cow

Materials for the Next Quests:

Application Form Vet Scrub Vet Training Manual


Wild Snow Fence

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