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Plant the juicy Cucamelon! (Market Le Items) January 28 2019

Grow Cucamelon, check out Hebridean Ram, Magnolia Figo Trees and more!

Release Date: Jan 28 2019

(Subject To Change)


Magnolia Figo Bouquet Heirloom Magnolia Figo Bouquet

Magnolia Figo Scented Candle Heirloom Magnolia Figo Scented Candle

Pagoda Dogwood Photo Frame Heirloom Pagoda Dogwood Photo Frame

Pagoda Dogwood Wreath Heirloom Pagoda Dogwood Wreath

Balady Citron Jam Heirloom Balady Citron Jam

Candied Balady Citron Heirloom Candied Balady Citron

Cucamelon Salsa Cucamelon Bruschetta


Baby Silver Pencilled Wyandotte Chicken Adult Silver Pencilled Wyandotte Chicken

Prized Silver Pencilled Wyandotte Chicken

Baby Black Poitou Mini Donkey Adult Black Poitou Mini Donkey

Prized Black Poitou Mini Donkey Baby Pietrain Mini Pig

Adult Pietrain Mini Pig Prized Pietrain Mini Pig

Baby Grey Turopolje Pig Adult Grey Turopolje Pig

Prized Grey Turopolje Pig Baby Hebridean Ram

Adult Hebridean Ram Prized Hebridean Ram


Magnolia Figo Heirloom Magnolia Figo Elder Magnolia Figo

Magnolia Figo Fruit Heirloom Magnolia Figo Fruit

Balady Citron Heirloom Balady Citron Elder Balady Citron

Balady Citron Fruit Heirloom Balady Citron Fruit

Heirloom Pagoda Dogwood Pagoda Dogwood

ElderPagoda Dogwood Pagoda Dogwood Fruit

Heirloom Pagoda Dogwood Fruit


Cucamelon Prized Cucamelon

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