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Build Your Winter Workbooth! January 29 2019

Build the Winter Workbooth on your farm. Host 3 Winter Workshops. Raise your baby Czech Frosty Rabbit to an adult.

Hi, It’s sleepy weather, but Walter and Barbara are determined to keep everyone active! They’re hosting Winter Workshops for us, together with the Women’s Council. They could really use a hand setting up & teaching. Hope you can help them!

Release Date: January 29 2019

(Subject To Change)

Workshop Stool Donut Stand Yarn Table

Winter Workbooth Workshop Note Felt Snowflake

Material for the Next Quest:

Upholstery Fabric Bus Stop Signboard County Tour Guide


Ice Carving Toolbox Heirloom Ice Carving Toolbox Ice Ornament

Miniature Snow Castle Painted Snowballs Snowman Centerpiece

Plush Snowball Bucket Crochet Vases Knitted Earrings

Snowman Macarons Heirloom Snowman Macarons

Winter Cupcakes Snowball Donuts

Ask/Post to Friends:

Green Spray Paint Winter Wildflowers Snowflake Sprinkles

Rainbow Watercolor Macaron Stand Festive Snowman Hat

Cat Eye Beads Snow Sugar


Winter Wish Fountain Winter Windmill House


Baby Czech Frosty Rabbit Adult Czech Frosty Rabbit Prized Czech Frosty Rabbit

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