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Get the beautiful Clustered Bellflower! (Market LE Items) Feb. 4 2019

Grow Clustered Bellflower, check out Black Verata Mini Goat, Saucer Berry Trees and more!

Release Date: Feb. 4 2019

(Subject To Change)


Assegai Frame Heirloom Assegai Frame Floral Curtain Holder

Heirloom Floral Curtain Holder Bellflower Bunting Bellflower Comb

Saucer Berry Mousse Heirloom Saucer Berry Mousse

Galaxy Slushie Heirloom Galaxy Slushie


Baby Busa Mini Cow Adult Busa Mini Cow Prized Busa Mini Cow

Baby Black Verata Mini Goat Adult Black Verata Mini Goat

Prized Black Verata Mini Goat Baby Half Masked Hedgehog

Adult Half Masked Hedgehog Prized Half Masked Hedgehog

Baby Champagne Silkie Guinea Pig Adult Champagne Silkie Guinea Pig

Prized Champagne Silkie Guinea Pig


Clustered BellflowerPrized Clustered Bellflower Tree Heirloom Tamboti Tree Elder Tamboti Tree

Assegai Heirloom Assegai Elder Assegai

Assegai Fruit Heirloom Assegai Fruit

Saucer Berry Heirloom Saucer Berry Elder Saucer Berry

Saucer Berry Fruit Heirloom Saucer Berry Fruit


Clustered Bellflower Prized Clustered Bellflower

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