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Plant the juicy Calafate Berry! (Market LE Items) Feb 18 2019

Grow Calafate Berry, check out Guzerat Cow, Zebrawood Trees and more!

Release Date: 18/02/2019

(Subject to Change)


Long Mulberry Jam Heirloom Long Mulberry Jam Long Mulberry Jelly Candy Heirloom Long Mulberry Jelly Candy

Johann Pine Nut Pasta Heirloom Johann Pine Nut Pasta

Johann Pine Nut Salad Heirloom Johann Pine Nut Salad

Calafate Berry Sour Calafate Berry Tart


Baby Guzerat Cow Adult Guzerat Cow Prized Guzerat Cow

Baby Grey Francolin Pheasant Adult Grey Francolin Pheasant

Prized Grey Francolin Pheasant Baby Berezowskii Pheasant Adult Berezowskii Pheasant Prized Berezowskii Pheasant

Baby Red American Saddlebred Horse

Adult Red American Saddlebred Horse

Prized Red American Saddlebred Horse


Zebrawood Tree Heirloom Zebrawood Tree Elder Zebrawood Tree

Zebrawood Tree Log Heirloom Zebrawood Tree Log

Johann’s Pine Nut Tree Heirloom Johann’s Pine Nut Tree

Elder Johann’s Pine Nut Tree Johann’s Pine Nut Tree Fruit

Heirloom Johann’s Pine Nut Tree Fruit Long Mulberry

Heirloom Long Mulberry Elder Long Mulberry

Long Mulberry Fruit Heirloom Long Mulberry Fruit


Calafate Berry Prized Calafate Berry

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