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Build Your Training Arena! Feb 26 2019

Record Breaker! Help Rusty build a Training Arena! Train animals to collect Record Certificates! Win a baby Aspromonte Goat!

Release Date: Feb 26 2019

(Subject To Change)

Trophy Planter Stadium Bleachers Racing Track Paint

Training Arena Record Certificate


Baby Aspromonte Goat Adult Aspromonte Goat Prized Aspromonte Goat


Enjoy the spring blooms from this pretty purple bench.

Latticed Lilac Bench

Spring blossoms under this gorgeous floral archway!

Lovely Lilac Archway

Put a spring in your step with this beautiful fence!

Lush Lilac Fence


Audition Tag Animal Weighing Scale Enriched Refresher

Heirloom Enriched Refresher Rosette Ribbons

Treat Bag

Ask/Post to Friends:

Audition Card Adjustable Slider Electrolyte Water

Velvet Paper Crunchy Cookies

Materials for the Next Quests:

Old Man Wig Feedback Questionnaire Reminder Board

Record Rule Book Stability Trainer Bouncy Trampoline

Seconds Stopwatch Party Streamers Agility Toy Set

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