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Build Your Spring School Bus! March 26 2019

Bonding With The Best! Build a Spring School Bus for your students. Teach them about Bonding with Animals & get Tuition Points! Win a baby Poitevin Mini Horse!

Release Date: March 26 2019

(Subject To Change)

Snuggle Box School Bus Hatch School Bus Hatch

Spring School Bus Students Trained

Students Trained


Bonding Treats Comfortable Vest Snuffle Mat Play Rag doll

Ask/Post to Friends:

Knitting Kit Organic Dye Bound Cloth

Materials for the Next Quest:

Clinic Ledger Baby Gift Basket Firefly Jar


Flowering Metal Fence Flowering Metal Archway


Baby Poitevin Mini Horse Adult Poitevin Mini Horse

Prized Poitevin Mini Horse