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Build Your Medieval Court! April 9 2019

Hire Friends to build a Medieval Court. Help Marie organize a fun Medieval fair in the County and win a baby Brindle Icelandic Cow! Find out who keeps their balance at the Jousting Event!

Release Date: April 9 2019

(Subject To Change)

Medieval Fair Canopy Tent Poles Fair Table Medieval Court


Castle Gate Royal Stone Castle Castle Wall

Materials for the Next Quests:

Quiz Scroll Sand Timer Quiz Medals Fayre Flag Pugil Sticks

Archer's Bow Bandana Bejeweled Goblet


Forge Tools Heirloom Forge Tools Metal Forge Blow Torch

Heirloom Blow Torch Jousting Helmet Kiddie Gloves

Inflatable Joust Arena Hay Target Flaming Arrows

Spinning Target Target Stand Heirloom Target Stand

Vintage Music Player Medieval Costume Spiced Pear Cider

Heirloom Spiced Pear Cider Royal Fayre Treats

Heirloom Royal Fayre Treats


Baby Brindle Icelandic Cow Adult Brindle Icelandic Cow

Prized Brindle Icelandic Cow

Ask/Post to Friends:

Hot Coals Paraffin Wax Steel Plates Leather Shell Tarpaulin Roll

Target Stencil Kerosene Wooden Dowels Iron Clamp Shellac Disc

Rich Linen Puff Pastry Sheet

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