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The Cartographer’s Cabinet Guide April 2 2019

The Cartographer’s Cabinet

We can certainly learn something new each day. Take for instance the talk that Marie gave in the council meeting today. Rusty was really struck with the thought about the many tourists coming in and the need to showcase FarmVille’s rich history. So, he’s suggesting that we make our own official map. You can help set up a Cartographer’s Cabinet and you’ll get a baby Ebony and Gold Mosaic Chinchilla as your reward.

If you are level 15 or higher, the “Cartographer Extraordinaire!” popup will appear. Click on the “Place Buildable!” button to begin this feature.

To start building the cabinet, collect all the materials you need.

Next, ask your friends for help or hire builders.

The finished cabinet will look like this:

Begin creating maps by clicking on the Cartographer’s Cabinet. To create maps, you need to collect Tokens. Each map you make will give you Map Points.

You can get Tokens by completing farm tasks. There are three Tokens that you can collect:

1. Animal Tokens: Raise, Feed, Super Feed and Prize animals.

2. Crop Tokens: Harvest crops. Fertilize your crops for a better chance of getting Tokens.

3. Tree Tokens: Harvest trees. Fertilizing your trees gives a better chance of getting Tokens.

Keep track of the number of Tokens you have collected by checking the counter at the left side of the menu.

Take note that each Map needs a specific number of Tokens and gives out different Points. A check mark means that you have collected the needed number of Tokens. Click on the Complete button to make the map.

After you have completed a Map, you can choose another map from the selection in the menu. Take note, once again, that each option requires a specific number of Tokens and awards different Points.

You can complete maps faster with the use of Helper Cards. If you need more Helper Cards, you can always ask your friends for Chips or buy them using Farm Bucks.