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Get your coffee kick with the Coffeeberry! (Market LE Items) April 8 2019

Be the best farm on the lane with the Coffeeberry, Lleyn Sheep, False Lime Trees and more!

Release Date: April 8 2019

(Subject To Change)


Mukusi Floral Candles Heirloom Mukusi Floral Candles

Mukusi Floral Clutch Heirloom Mukusi Floral Clutch

Tangy Mousse Pie Heirloom Tangy Mousse Pie

Lime Swirl Cheesecake Heirloom Lime Swirl Cheesecake

Coffeeberry Trifle Cold Coffeeberry Shake


Baby Vosgienne Mini Cow Adult Vosgienne Mini Cow

Prized Vosgienne Mini Cow Baby Vlaamperd Horse

Adult Vlaamperd Horse Prized Vlaamperd Horse

Baby Babirusa Pig Adult Babirusa Pig Prized Babirusa Pig

Baby Lleyn Sheep Adult Lleyn Sheep Prized Lleyn Sheep


Batino Wood Tree Heirloom Batino Wood Tree Elder Batino Wood Tree

False Lime Heirloom False Lime Elder False Lime

False Lime Fruit Heirloom False Lime Fruit Zambezi Redwood

Heirloom Zambezi Redwood Elder Zambezi Redwood

Zambezi Redwood Fruit Heirloom Zambezi Redwood Fruit


Coffeeberry Prized Coffeeberry

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