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***TIP*** Get More XP's to Level Up!

Here is 1 way you can grab more XP's to help level up faster!

Open your Crafting Kiln and click on "Search by XP" . or do a search for Heirloom Fancy Comb.

With Double XP activated each comb will give you 10,064 XP's!

The items you need to make them are Mussel Shells you get from super feeding Prized Otters and Heirloom Wood from Heirloom Wood Trees.

Craft 100 of these and you will have 1,006,400 XP's!


Open your Crafting Workshop and search by COINS.

You will see the Bred Horse Statue

This item sells for 909,780 coins!

It also gives you 7,852 XP's! BUT it does take 31 Power, so be sure you have enough power before starting!

Have Fun on Your Farm!

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