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Design Your Dream Boat! April 23 2019

The Stuff Of Dreams! Design a Dream Boat to enjoy Spring by the riverside! Build a Design Workshop to get started.

Release Date: April 23 2019

(Subject To Change)

Netting Mesh Blue Cushion Nautical Planter

Design Workshop Dream Boat Dream Boat

Dream Boat Dream Boat Dream Boat

Dream Boat Dream Boat Dream Boat

Design Point

Ask/Post to Friends:

Outdoor Paint Navy Burlap Lace Anchor Picks

Feed Adult Hedgehogs to get Painted Planks.

Painted Plank


Nautical Cushion Covers Nautical Bunting Knotted Rope Vase

Boat Picnic Basket Sailor Cake Heirloom Sailor Cake

Boat Fruit Bowl Dreamboat Souvenir Dreamboat Planter

Picnic Serving Tray Dreamboat Signboard

Nautical Coasters Dreamboat Diary Navy Cake Pops

Marine Photo Frame Riverside Fence Boat Party Invite

Nautical Lantern Heirloom Nautical Lantern

Navy Cupcakes


White Stinkwood Tree Heirloom White Stinkwood Tree Elder White Stinkwood Tree


Baby Copper Satin Rabbit Adult Copper Satin Rabbit

Prized Copper Satin Rabbit

Materials for the Next Quests:

Natural Insect Repellent Postcard Box Panther Plush Toy

Sailcloth Fabric Anchor Rope Upholstery Foam

Marine Varnish

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