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Build Your Swim School July 30 2019

Hi, Summer is in full swing and so are all the water activities! Some of our animals haven’t taken to the water as easily as the rest and Gus thinks it’s the perfect time to get the kids to train them to swim! Grab your swimming gear and join in!

Release Date: July 30 2019

(Subject To Change)

Paddle Board Cabana Steps Sand Bucket

Swim School Tuition Point Students Trained


Respiratory Exerciser Life Jacket Water Safety Guide

Swimming Towel

Ask/Post to Friends:

Chamber Ball Plastic Tube Animal Infographics

Materials for the Next Quest:

Treat Jar Animal Carrier Ambulance Siren


Baby Furry Randall Mini Cow! Adult Furry Randall Mini Cow!

Prized Furry Randall Mini Cow!


Shore Retreat Summer Shore Bench Summer Shore Fence

Bistro Table and Chairs

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