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The Summer Crafter’s Corner! GUIDE

The Summer Crafter’s Corner!

The summer heat is keeping all the kids cooped up indoors. Barbara knows that they are itching to do something fun, so she thought a Summer Crafter’s Corner would help. This way, they will make the best of their summer with all the fun and exciting crafts! Help Barbara set up a fun Summer Crafter’s Corner for them and she’ll reward you with a baby Georgian Donkey. If you’re level 15 or higher, the “Creative Crafting!” pop-up will appear. Click on the “Build a Summer Crafter’s Corner!” button to start the feature.

Gather all the materials to start building your Summer Crafter’s Corner.

Ask your friends or hire Builders to complete the construction.

The finished Summer Crafter’s Corner will be placed outside your farm and will look like this:

Start taking requests from your customers by clicking on the Summer Crafter’s Corner. Fulfill the requests as soon as you can, as each customer will remain in the Summer Crafter’s Corner for only a certain period of time.

Your customers will be ordering from one of the 3 Stalls in your Summer Crafter’s Corner: Garden Essentials, Summer Goodies, and Paper Crafts. Each customer will have a specific request that you need to fulfill.