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Build Your Spring Tournament Shack! April 30 2019

The Spring Fishing Tournament!

Make Groundbait and prepare the Fishing Areas. Compete against other farmers for the Top Prize! Win a baby Pig, Amber Shovel & Trophies!

Release Date: April 30 2019

Clay Shingle Fish Bauble Teak Board

Spring Tournament Shack Tournament Point

Ask/Post to Friends:

Green Lipped Mussels Organic Emmer Flour

Materials for the Next Quest:

Business Card Branded Bag Monthly Planner

Premium Groundbait Basic Groundbait

Special Groundbait


Baby Swabian Hall Pig Adult Swabian Hall Pig

Prized Swabian Hall Pig


Underwater Fence Young Coast Redwood Tree

Heirloom Young Coast Redwood Tree Elder Young Coast Redwood Tree


Bronze Trophy Silver Trophy Gold Trophy

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