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Build Your Music Shoppe! May 14 2019

Run a successful Music Shoppe and make Customers happy! Fullfill requests to earn Stall Tokens! Win a baby sheep and amazing rewards!

Release Date: May 14 2019

(Subject To Change)

Organ Pipes Stall Pillars Song Sheets Music Shoppe

Happy Point Stall Token

Ask/Post to Friends:

Art Frame Movement Mechanism Dark Frosting

Violin Mold Triangle Beater Brass Jingles


Miniature Harp Treble Clef Painting Floral Music Box

Record Cookies Musician's Cake Chocolate Violins

Soprano Ukulele Musical Triangle Headed Tambourine

Materials for the Next Quest:

Audition Flyer Fundraiser Jar Musician Mug


Garden Piano Spring Orchestra Fence


Baby Bannur Sheep Adult Bannur Sheep Prized Bannur Sheep


Blanka Currant Prized Blanka Currant

Crimson Dahlia Prized Crimson Dahlia

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