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Build Your Spring Social Table! May 21 2019

Let's enjoy hosting Social Activities together! Help Percy organize Social Activities!

Percy’s been elected President of the Young Farmer Association and he’s just thrilled. He’s planning a spring social to get to know all the youth associations better before he gets down to his duties and I’m sure he’ll need a helping hand! Best,Marie.

Release Date: May 21 2019

(Subject To Change)

Water Balloon Barrel Table Bunting Cart Wheel

Spring Social Table Hay Box

Materials for the Next Quest:

Love Letter Pad Care Parcel Restaurant Pass


Frisbee Gloves Water Mister Team Wristbands

Hay Fork Heirloom Hay Fork Balloon Launcher

Balloon Pump Heirloom Balloon Pump Absorbent Towels

Crate of Practice Balls Bucket Basket

Spring Social Cake Novelty Penny

Ask/Post to Friends:

Fine Nozzle Patterned Ribbon Fork Head

Ball Crate Gold Spray Paint

Towel Rack Pastel Icing


Spring Blossom Cart Spring Blossom Fence


Baby Chocolate Ponui Donkey Adult Chocolate Ponui Donkey

Prized Chocolate Ponui Donkey

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