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Spice up your life with the Goldfinger Pepper! (Market LE Items) June 17 2019

Add spice to your farm with the Goldfinger Pepper, Pampa Horse, Terentang Trees and much more!

Release Date: June 17 2019

(Subject To Change)


Quintasia Ointment Heirloom Quintasia Ointment

Herbal Mouthwash Heirloom Herbal Mouthwash

Yellow Floral Urn Heirloom Yellow Floral Urn

Vibrant Heart Wreath Heirloom Vibrant Heart Wreath

Yogurt Stuffed Pepper Stove Roasted Peppers

Heirloom Stove Roasted Peppers


Baby Silver Crevecoeur Chicken Adult Silver Crevecoeur Chicken Prized Silver Crevecoeur Chicken Baby Rose Locken Chinchilla

Adult Rose Locken Chinchilla Prized Rose Locken Chinchilla

Baby Kri-Kri Mini Goat Adult Kri-Kri Mini Goat

Prized Kri-Kri Mini Goat Baby Pampa Horse

Adult Pampa Horse Prized Pampa Horse


Terentang Tree Heirloom Terentang Tree Elder Terentang Tree Quintasia

Heirloom Quintasia Elder Quintasia

Quintasia Fruit . Heirloom Quintasia Fruit

Tara Spinosa Heirloom Tara Spinosa

Elder Tara Spinosa Tara Spinosa Fruit

Heirloom Tara Spinosa Fruit


Goldfinger Pepper Prized Goldfinger Pepper

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