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Build Your Barista Bar! June 18 2019

Blend Coffee Brews and earn Caffeine Points to win a baby Brown Velvet Chinchilla! Build all the Coffee Brewers to make blend Coffee Brews and earn Caffeine Points faster!

Release Date: June 18 2019

(Subject To Change)

Barista Signboard Coffee Table Metal Hooks

Barista Bar Caffeine Point Coffee Mill

Coffee Dripper Butane Burner Coffee Percolator

Fresh Milk Ceramic Water Filter Espresso Tamper

Coffee Mug Coffee Creamer Coffee Brewer

Coffee Brewer


Brewtiful Archway Brewtiful Fence Giant Mocha Planter

Ask/Post to Friends:

Coconut Yogurt Crushed Ice Rainbow Dust Creme Chantilly

Materials for the Next Quest:

Host's Guidebook B&B Schedule Innkeeper's Badge


Frozen Berry Perk Cranberry Coffee Cake Coffee Mousse Shot

Nutty Bean Truffles Mocha Fruit Sundae

Tangy Espresso Scone Rainbow Frappuccino

Spicy Iced Brew Chili Espresso Granita

Figgy Mocha Tart


Baby Brown Velvet Chinchilla Adult Brown Velvet Chinchilla

Prized Brown Velvet Chinchilla


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