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The Barista Bar! GUIDE June 18 2019

The Barista Bar!

Barbara’s B&B has been getting great reviews. She’s earned a well-deserved 3 stars for the B&B, and there’s been no dearth of influential and important visitors! This time it’s Coffee Connoisseurs all the way from the city! Barbara seems to be running purely on coffee as she bustles around prepping the B&B for the big coffee tasting event! However, she realizes that no matter how perfectly she blends her coffees and lattes, it’s hard to serve them just right, without some help! Team up with her to serve up the best of brews on this brew-tiful day by building the Barista Bar on your farm. You’ll get a baby Brown Velvet Chinchilla for your help!

If you are level 15 or higher, the “Espresso Yourself!” popup will appear. Click on the “Build Barista Bar!” button to begin this feature.

Start building the Barista Bar by collecting all the materials you need.​

Next, ask your friends for help or hire builders.

The finished Barista Bar, which is automatically placed outside your farm, will look like this:

Begin brewing coffee by clicking on the Barista Bar. As you brew blends, you can earn rewards by collecting Caffeine Points. Here are the ways to get points in the bar:

Craft aromatic coffee brews at the Barista Bar. Take note that each flavor gives out a different number of Caffeine Points and has a different number of crafting hours.

Click on the coffee blend you want to craft and if you have the complete ingredients, click on the Craft button.

However, if you do not have the ingredients, ask for help by clicking on the Call My Co-op or Post buttons.

At the Barista Bar are 5 brewers where you can craft the coffee. Two brewers are made available for you to start with.There are three other Bonus Coffee Brewers that you can use.

Unlock the bonus brewers by building them. You’ll earn extra points when you use these brewers.

The first Bonus Coffee Brewer will need these materials:

You’ll need these materials for the second Bonus Coffee Brewer.

And for the third Bonus Coffee Brewer, you’ll need these materials:

And for the third Bonus Coffee Brewer, you’ll need these materials:

Buy Caffeine Points using Farm bucks.

Once the coffee you crafted is ready, you can collect and share the points you’ve earned.

There is a counter at the lower left corner of the menu where you can keep track of the points you’ve collected.

You’ll start receiving rewards when you’ve reached specific milestones. Your progress will be shown by the yellow bar.

Keep crafting Coffee brews to earn all the needed Caffeine Points for the Baby Brown Velvet Chinchilla and 10 Favors!

Start crafting coffee brews at the Barista Bar and win awesome rewards!

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