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Add a fiery touch with the Fireball Lily! (Market LE Items) June 24 2019

Make your farm come alive with Fireball Lily, Edilbay Sheep, Helicopter Trees and more!

Release Date: June 24 2019

(Subject to Change)


Springtime Umbrella Heirloom Springtime Umbrella

Floral Beret Heirloom Floral Beret

Fireball Pomander Chic Garden Chair

Heirloom Chic Garden Chair Fruity Cookie Cup

Heirloom Fruity Cookie Cup Tangy Salsa

Heirloom Tangy Salsa


Baby Trakehner Mini Horse Adult Trakehner Mini Horse

Prized Trakehner Mini Horse Baby Yellow Giant Forest Hog

Adult Yellow Giant Forest Hog Prized Yellow Giant Forest Hog

Baby Edilbay Sheep Adult Edilbay Sheep Prized Edilbay Sheep

Baby Madagascar Big-headed Turtle Adult Madagascar Big-headed Turtle

Prized Madagascar Big-headed Turtle


East African Mahogany Tree Heirloom East African Mahogany Tree

Elder East African Mahogany Tree Red Milkwood

Heirloom Red Milkwood Elder Red Milkwood

Red Milkwood Fruit Heirloom Red Milkwood Fruit

Helicopter Flower Heirloom Helicopter Flower

Elder Helicopter Flower Helicopter Flower Fruit

Heirloom Helicopter Flower Fruit


Fireball Lily Prized Fireball Lily

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