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Add whimsy with the Water Milfoil! (Market LE Items) July 1 2019

Plant Water Milfoil, play with the Chianina Mini Cow, add Black Afara Trees and much more!

Release Date: July 1 2019

(Subject to Change)


Lotus Umbrella Heirloom Lotus Umbrella Milfoil Essential Oil

Walnut Rugelach Cookies Heirloom Walnut Rugelach Cookies

Walnut Brittle Heirloom Walnut Brittle Birdbath Lantern

Heirloom Birdbath Lantern Aquarium Decor


Baby Chianina Mini Cow Adult Chianina Mini Cow

Prized Chianina Mini Cow Baby Westphalian Horse

Adult Westphalian Horse Prized Westphalian Horse

Baby Blanc De Bouscat Rabbit Adult Blanc De Bouscat Rabbit

Prized Blanc De Bouscat Rabbit Baby Silver Guineafowl

Adult Silver Guineafowl Prized Silver Guineafowl


Black Afara Tree Heirloom Black Afara Tree Elder Black Afara Tree

Heaven Lotus Heirloom Heaven Lotus Elder Heaven Lotus

Heaven Lotus Fruit Heirloom Heaven Lotus Fruit

Australian Walnut Heirloom Australian Walnut

Elder Australian Walnut Australian Walnut Fruit

Heirloom Australian Walnut Fruit


Water Milfoil Prized Water Milfoil

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