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New L/E Items Rock's Peony! July 15 2019

Grow Rock's Peony, check out Corsican Horse, Jagua Trees and more!

Release Date: July 15 2019

(Subject To Change)


Jagua Tattoo Powder Heirloom Jagua Tattoo Powder

Manuka Bath Set Heirloom Manuka Bath Set

Peony Home Fragrance Rock’s Peony Goblet

Jagua Juice Heirloom Jagua Juice

Manuka Honey Heirloom Manuka Honey


Baby Corsican Mini Cow Adult Corsican Mini Cow

Prized Corsican Mini Cow Baby Tawny Aspromonte Goat

Adult Tawny Aspromonte Goat Prized Tawny Aspromonte Goat

Baby Corsican Horse Adult Corsican Horse Prized Corsican Horse

Baby Meissner Lop Rabbit Adult Meissner Lop Rabbit

Prized Meissner Lop Rabbit


Ezo Spruce Tree Heirloom Ezo Spruce Tree

Elder Ezo Spruce Tree Jagua Heirloom Jagua

Elder Jagua Jagua Fruit Heirloom Jagua Fruit

Manuka Myrtle Heirloom Manuka Myrtle

Elder Manuka Myrtle Manuka Myrtle Fruit

Heirloom Manuka Myrtle Fruit


Rock’s Peony Prized Rock’s Peony

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