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Build Your Fairytale Alcove! July 16 2019

Midsummer Magic! Help Barbara organize a magical Fairytale Festival and win a baby Bay New Forest Pony! Release Date: July 16 2019

(Subject To Change)

Storybook Pedestal Butterfly Bunting Fairy Lantern

Fairytale Alcove

Materials for the Next Quest:

Pinocchio's Nose Play Ticket Portfolio Case

Materials for the Quests inside the building:

Ball Gown Design Acting Guide Ballet Music

Men's Grooming Kit Woodland Set Design


Princess Archway Princess Garden Carriage

Princess Fence Whimsical Fairy Door


Fairy Wand Heirloom Fairy Wand Royal Tunic

Sword Prop Heirloom Sword Prop Jeweled Crown

Tutu Skirt Wing Costume Ankle Brace

Swan Bracelet Royal Cape Apple Basket

Royal Saddle Pumpkin Carriage Cake

Breath Mints Heirloom Breath Mints

Calming Herbal Tea


Baby Bay New Forest Pony Adult Bay New Forest Pony

Prized Bay New Forest Pony

Ask/Post to Friends:

Gold Epaulets Gold Icing Ornate Hilt Chamomile Blend

Jeweled Stones Tulle Fabric Modeling Wire

Brace Buckle Swan Charm Gold Fringe Trim

Basket Liner Embossed Leather

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