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Add a touch of elegance with the Lavender Lady! (Market LE Items) July 22 2019

Grow Lavender Lady, check out Majorera Mini Donkey, Izombe Trees and more!

Release Date: July 22 /2019

(Subject To Change)


Carnival Centerpiece Heirloom Carnival Centerpiece

Ochna Table Runner Heirloom Ochna Table Runner

Lavender Lady Oil Heirloom Lavender Lady Oil

Cordiera Jelly Heirloom Cordiera Jelly

Cordiera Muffin Heirloom Cordiera Muffin

Waxweed Tonic


Baby Red Navajo-Churro Sheep Adult Red Navajo-Churro Sheep

Prized Red Navajo-Churro Sheep Baby Huculska Pony

Adult Huculska Pony Prized Huculska Pony

Baby Majorera Mini Donkey Adult Majorera Mini Donkey

Prized Majorera Mini Donkey Baby White Faverolles Chicken

Adult White Faverolles Chicken Prized White Faverolles Chicken


Carnival Ochna Heirloom Carnival Ochna

Elder Carnival Ochna Carnival Ochna Fruit

Heirloom Carnival Ochna Fruit Marmelada De Cachorro

Heirloom Marmelada De Cachorro Elder Marmelada De Cachorro

Marmelada De Cachorro Fruit Heirloom Marmelada De Cachorro Fruit

Izombe Tree Heirloom Izombe Tree Elder Izombe Tree


Lavender Lady Prized Lavender Lady

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