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Add love to your farm with the Cupid's Bow! (Market LE Items) July 29 2019

Grow Cupid's Bow, check out Surati Goat, Craib Trees and more!

Release Date: July 29 /2019

(Subject to Change)


Chinese Parasol Ladder Heirloom Chinese Parasol Ladder

Pendant Bouquet Heirloom Pendant Bouquet

Cupid’s Bow Basket Fruity Bundt Cake

Heirloom Fruity Bundt Cake Garlic Fruit Salad

Heirloom Garlic Fruit Salad Cupid’s Trinket Box


Baby Brindle Meishan Pig Adult Brindle Meishan Pig

Prized Brindle Meishan Pig Baby Chestnut Arravani Horse

Adult Chestnut Arravani Horse Prized Chestnut Arravani Horse

Baby Surati Goat Adult Surati Goat Prized Surati Goat

Baby Enderby Island Cow Adult Enderby Island Cow

Prized Enderby Island Cow


Chinese Parasol Heirloom Chinese Parasol

Elder Chinese Parasol Chinese Parasol Fruit

Heirloom Chinese Parasol Fruit Garlic Fruit

Heirloom Garlic Fruit Elder Garlic Fruit

Garlic Fruit Heirloom Garlic Fruit Craib Tree

Heirloom Craib Tree Elder Craib Tree


Cupid's Bow Prized Cupid's Bow

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