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Add charm to your farm with the pretty Roselle! (Market LE Items) Aug 5 2019

Grow Roselle, check out Celtic Mini Pig, Riberry Trees and more!

Release Date: Aug 5 2019

(Subject to Change)


Metal Iochroma Wreath Heirloom Metal Iochroma Wreath

Floral Birdhouse Planter Heirloom Floral Birdhouse Planter

Riberry Ice Cream Heirloom Riberry Ice Cream

Riberry Cheesecake Heirloom Riberry Cheesecake

Roselle Iced Tea Roselle Cupcake


Baby Van Rooy Sheep Adult Van Rooy Sheep

Prized Van Rooy Sheep Baby Celtic Mini Pig

Adult Celtic Mini Pig Prized Celtic Mini Pig

Baby Corsican Mini Horse Adult Corsican Mini Horse

Prized Corsican Mini Horse Baby Bachaur Cow

Adult Bachaur Cow Prized Bachaur Cow


Red Iochroma Heirloom Red Iochroma Elder Red Iochroma

Red Iochroma Fruit Heirloom Red Iochroma Fruit

Riberry Heirloom Riberry ElderRiberry

Riberry Fruit Heirloom Riberry Fruit

Curupay Tree Heirloom Curupay Tree

Elder Curupay Tree


Roselle Prized Roselle

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